I'm very passionate about cinematic sound design, and spend much of my free time experimenting and learning how to design sounds for trailers, in-game cinematics and film. This is something I've been exploring for a number of years, slowly improving my skill and understanding with every project I undertake.


Squadron 42 - CitizenCon Trailer (Sound Design, alongside the Cloud Imperium Games audio team; Bob Rissolo on Dialogue Design and Mix, Geoff Zanelli on Music, and Darren Lambourne on Sound Design and Final Mix)


SMITE Divine Dragon Bellona Trailer (Sound Design, Mix)


Star Citizen Aegis Eclipse Trailer (Sound Design)


SMITE Chernobog Teaser (Sound Design, Mix)


Star Citizen PC Gaming Show Trailer (Sound Design, Co-Mix, Music Direction)

Realm Royale Battle Pass Trailer (Sound Design)


Star Citizen Anvil Terrapin Trailer (Sound Design)


Paladins Launch Trailer (Sound Design)


Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Trailer (Sound Design - first 2 mins)