About Me
Top 10 Favorite Games (of all time):
1. Mafia 2
2. LA Noire
3. Mafia 3
4. The Last of Us
5. Crypt of the Necrodancer
6. GTA 4/5/San Andreas
7. The Banner Saga
8. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
9. Age of Empires 2
10. Sword and Sworcery
Top 5 Favorite Games for Sound Design:
1. Battlefield 1
3. Inside
4. The Last of Us
5. Alien Isolation
Games I've Played (and loved) Recently:
Far Cry 5
Tetris Effect
Rocket League





Sound Design Workshop at University of Lincoln
In October of 2018, I returned to the University of Lincoln to deliver a workshop on creative sound design. It was an opportunity to dig a little deeper into creative design, and explore some interesting examples of various styles and approaches to sound design.
Talk at Game Audio North X Liverpool Audio Network Event
In June of 2018, I gave a talk on weapon sound design at an audio summit hosted by Game Audio North and Liverpool Audio Network. I talked about selecting source material, and explained a layer-based approach to weapon sound design.
Sound Library Release: Granular
My first sound library, Granular, is out now! Grab it via A Sound Effect.
Pro Sound Effects X Soundbytes Podcast
For the February 2018 episode of Soundbytes, we teamed up with Pro Sound Effects for an extra special episode. PSE were kind enough to offer to sponsor us, and they sent us a couple of copies of their fantastic  Odyssey Collection: Essentials library. Derek and I both fell in love with it, and discussed and explored it during the episode. Check it out! 


Game Audio North Edinburgh Video
It was the second birthday bash for Game Audio North up in Edinburgh in September of 2017. I interviewed for this cool little video about the event, alongside many of my favorite game audio people.
10 Second Technique Article
In December of 2017, I wrote another sound design article for the A Sound Effect blog, entitled; '10 Second Technique: Tips to Improve Your Sound Design'. I've been using this technique for the past few years, and I wanted to share my ideas with the community.
Talk at Event Horizon School Milan
In June of 2017, Katie Tarrant and I visited our good friend Lorenzo Salvatori in Milan, Italy, and gave a bit of a spontaneous talk to his sound design students. We talked a little about our work and backgrounds, and offered our best advice on breaking in and getting jobs.
Rule of Thirds Article
In July of 2017, I wrote a sound design article for the A Sound Effect blog, entitled 'Rule of Thirds: A Sound Design Technique'. It's an idea I've been playing with for a while, and I decided to share my thoughts with the community.
Guest Lecture at University of Lincoln
In March of 2017 I returned to Lincoln, to the course I studied, Audio Production, and gave a lecture about game audio, and my experiences working in games. I was inspired myself by the visiting lecturers we had during the course, so I tried my best to deliver an interesting and helpful talk to the students.
Game Audio North Talk 08/04/2017
In April of 2017, I gave another talk at Game Audio North, for our second annual talks event. I spoke about breaking into games, working in sound design and shared some of my ideas regarding applying for junior sound design jobs. 
Game Audio North Talk 04/06/2016
In 2016 I gave a talk at Game Audio North on my spacestation demo level in UE4. I talked about my process for creating foley, recording footsteps, recording VO and capturing underwater recordings. You can watch the talk in its entirety above. 
 Getting Started in Game Audio
In 2016 I wrote a guest post on my university course's blog, entitled 'Getting Started in Game Audio'. The post was intended to offer some direction to students that were interested in game audio, and didn't know where to start. 



Public Speaking:
  • 'Sound Design for Video Games' - School of Sound Recording Manchester - May 2019
  • 'Ambience and Foley in Games' - University of Salford - March 2019
  • 'Creative Sound Design Workshop' - University of Lincoln - October 2018
  • 'Sound Design for Video Games' - University of Lincoln - October 2018
  • 'The Sound of Weapons in Star Citizen' - CitizenCon Austin Texas - October 2018
  • 'Weapon Sound Design' - Game Audio North X Liverpool Audio Network - June 2018
  • 'Designing a AAA Weapon System' - Edinburgh Napier University - May 2018
  • 'Game Audio Exploration' - University of Salford - April 2018
  • 'Introduction to Game Audio' - University of Salford - March 2018
  • 'Sound Design for Video Games' - University of Lincoln - January 2018
  • 'Game Audio Introduction' with Katie Tarrant - Event Horizon School Milan - June 2017
  • 'How To Get A Job In Video Games' - Game Audio North - April 2017
  • 'Sound Design for Video Games' - University of Lincoln - March 2017
  • 'Spacestation Level Presentation' - Game Audio North - June 2016
Sound Libraries:
  • '10 Second Technique: Tips to Improve Your Sound Design' - ASoundEffect Blog - December 2017
  • 'Rule of Thirds: A Sound Design Approach' - ASoundEffect Blog - July 2017
  • 'Getting Started in Game Audio' - University of Lincoln Audio Production Blog - May 2016