Hi, I'm Barney! Thanks for having a look at my showreel. I'm a sound designer, and I currently work at Cloud Imperium Games, on Star Citizen.




 100 Hours of Recording Project (2016)
In order to develop my technical abilities and build myself a sound library, I have dedicated 100 hours to recording in the field with a variety of recorders, including Sound Devices, Tascam and Zoom. I will be documenting what I record and how I record it on a blog, as well as (where possible) talking about the project the sounds will be used for.
You can see my progress so far over at my blog - 100 Hours Project.



'We haven't had the pleasure of working with Barney just yet, but considering the passion, drive, and talent evident in his work, it wouldn't surprise me if we ended up collaborating some day.

If you're a game developer looking for a freelancer, or a studio head scouting for talent, do yourself a favour and hire this guy before someone else does.'

- Kevin Regamey, Creative Director, Power Up Audio Inc. 
'Can confirm: Barney is good.'
Sean Oxspring - Hitpoint Games (Hashtag Dungeon)
'Barney is any asset to any production; with him he brings his professionalism, creative soundscape and sheer enthusiasm for all things audio. Barney goes above and beyond what's asked of him and always strives to create an overall high quality end product!'
Andy Plarkou - Cross Productions (BBC) 





Soundbytes is a podcast about game audio hosted by Derek Brown and I on a monthly basis. Give us a listen!


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